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Congratulations on entering the world of NFTs: If you are a beginner in this new world of NFT and want to get start in NFT and need to nft beginner guide , we at NickWolf Academy have gathered a lot of information. This website contains more than 50 articles on NFT, Metavarse , DEFI , DAO and their relationship with NFT and They are in 2 different languages.

We know it can be a little daunting when you’re new. This guide is here to gently introduce you to some of the key concepts you need to kick-start your journey into the world of NFT tech.

Without further ado, let’s enter this sweet world.

What is an NFT simply? 

The NFT market is exploding and at the first step, providing digital artists a new way to monetize and market their art. First look at the history of art. before now, art could only depict meaning in the real world (an image of a known person or a familiar seaside). Now a day, art to an age where it is intangible yet valuable.

NFTs are Non-fungible tokens used to indicate ownership of unique items. They let us bookmark things like art, collectibles, even real estate. They can have only one official owner at a time and It’s better that you know no one can change ownership history or copy/paste a new NFT.

  • Is the NFT like Bitcoin or cryptocurrency?
    Exactly No, the Bitcoin is a fungible tokens and the NFT is non-fungible tokens.
  • Can every have an NFT?
    yes, Every body can Mint or buy an NFT.

NFT beginner guide

You see, in the past, artists had to physically send their artwork to exhibitions and galleries for sale, or set up galleries individually or in groups at great expense.
You maby had sent your artwork to other countries for sale and not has been sold or damaged. In the bad sutiation, you never have received your money.
Some times you are a collectioner wanted to buy a work of art, but you had a limited choice of artists around you, and you could not easily buy a wide flood of works of art, photos, etc., or sell it if needed.

In the new world of NFT you can sell and artwork and more 10 type of NFTs like domain, event ticket, identity and etc. There are too fantastic and exciting.
So, these non-refundable magic internet tokens , what areas have been introduced more? Why should it matter?

There are definitely a lot of questions to get into NFT and you want to know how to get into this world and get started. The list below is the basic information you need and then we have defined a roadmap for you that by knowing the basic information you can get acquainted with the investment process. We try to start help you to understand about the below 

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Digital assets and their classifications are evolving right next to cryptography and blockchain technology. Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are digital assets that are likely to be unique. They can be used to display tangible and intangible items.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are one of the fastest growing sectors in the crypto industry. In this guide, we look at what they are, how they work, and how they are used.

In the next section, we’re going to talk about the technology that the vast majority of NFTs are based on, known as blockchain.

What is Blockchain simply?

A blockchain is just a database. Don’t be spooked It isn’t a particularly sophisticated one, either . you could create it in a spreadsheet with minimal effort.

The first is that blockchains are append-only one-sided. That means that you can only add information – you can’t change or delete it in any way. The second is that each entry (called a block) in the database is cryptographically linked to the last entry so you end up with a chain of blocks and every body for this said blockchain.

A blockchain is not changable. Why? because in blockchain every blocks are chain to gether and if one of them change, make domino. so its not possible to change. 

  • Can anyone make a blockchain?
    yes, everyone  in a spreadsheet with minimal effort make it.
  • Can anyone make a block?
    yes, miner can create a block in blockchain.
  • Can anyone stops blockchain from cheating?
    No, because, “consensus algorithm” , the system prevents you from spending funds you shouldn’t be able to spend.
  • Is the NFT as a blockchain?
    Exactly No, it is a token and it mint in the blockchain like as a mining crypto coin in the blockchain.
  • Are NFTs mint in differents blockchains?
    yes, at first mint in ETH. but today other blockchain can mint NFTs for example Solona, Palygan and etc.

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Types of Blockchains

There are 3 different major types:

  • Public blockchain
  • Private blockchain
  • Hybrid blockchain

Private Blockchain

It is a private blockchain, also known as permissioned blockchain. In this type of blockchain the participant needs private blockchain, all the transactions are available just to users who are part of the network system. Private blockchains are more centralized comparing with public blockchains, but both of them offer the same set of features.
Private blockchain works in a restrictive environment like closed networks, and is great to be used at a private- held organization that needs to use it for internal use-case. By doing this thing, It can be used effectively and gives you the permission to choose just selected participants to enter the blockchain network.
Private blockchain has many advantages; they are fast because there are few participants comparing with public blockchain. This means that the network does not take long time to get consensus, resulting in faster transactions.

Examples of private blockchains are: Multichain and Hyperledger projects (Fabric, Sawtooth), and Corda.

Hybrid Blockchain

A Hybrid blockchain is known as a combination of a private and public blockchain. It is divided into two types, in the first type, some nodes are private, but all others are public. This means that not all the nodes are allowed to participate in the transactions.
Hybrid acts in a closed ecosystem and doesn’t need to make everything public. Rules in this type of blockchain can be changed depending on the needs.
Hybrid blockchain has different uses:
Hybrid blockchain can be used for real-estate purposes because real-estate companies can use it to activate their systems and display information to the public. Hybrid blockchain are great as well for extremely ruled markets like financial markets.

Examples of Hybrid blockchain: Dragonchain and XinFin.

In short, If you are a company and like to use it without making everything public, then, using private blockchain is a perfect idea. And, if you want more transparency to your network, in this case going for a public platform is a good choice. But they are not so suited for enterprise use cases.

In the next section, we’re going to talk about the technology that the vast majority of NFTs are based on, known as MINT NFT.

What is Mint Simply?

In the blockchain discussion, we explained that if a topic is registered in the blockchain, it cannot be changed. NFTs same as cryptocurrency need to written in blockchain, this is Mint. 

For mint the NFT you use nft marketplace and Each marketplace has a unique procedure for minting NFTs because each of them use one kind of blockchain for mint for example rirble marketplace use plagon blockchain for mint NFT.

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Well, that about brings us up to speed!
Hopefully you can leave this guide with a better understanding of NFT and how it works. On NIKWOLF Academy, you’ll find a huge variety of articles, ranging from beginner’s guides to overviews of more advanced topics.

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